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A conscious journey into the unknown

goggles_sm_Keri_SmithCan we expect the unexpected if we look and sense our surroundings in familiar, taken for granted ways? It’s wonderful to welcome the unexpected into one’s experience and adds to the rich texture of life, the “magic”. For me, an attitude of “what’s new?” is essential  to elicit “magic” from everyday observations. The introduction and facilitation to our playshops @UCL primed me to consciously exercise my senses in discoverer mode and it occurs to me how often i neglect this mode.This neglect linked to our playing as if we were seeds, which were dormant, although great life potential was waiting, hoping to become watered, to flow into life. Most often i enter discoverer mode almost unconsciously or naturally, as on a hiking trip where the play of nature prompts me, especially the quality of light which often evokes a sense of the eternal or timelessness to phenomena; I really enjoy those experiences, as i did this playshop.

With the help of Goggles of enhanced perception, i saw the light fitting merge into the vent duct, which immediately drew a connection of them being essentially of the same essence,  just a variant on the effects of moving electrons. Then i had difficulty picking up a stationary ball, but when it rolled i could locate it exactly; is everything moving for my normal vision to work well? probaly yes, as science could demonstrate no doubt. Then playing around with squinting at the toilet cubicle light, i sensed the 50cycles/second on off sequence of the light waves,  i could “see” it pulsing. Hmmmm…. what else am i not perceiving and how accurate are my conclusions on myriad everyday perceptions/decisions like this “is” a …….(name/label) or right/wrong, true/false etc.


This awareness of movement returned to me as we were playing as if we were seeds, which were moving, apparently unseen but germinating and maybe this is the purest equality we’d ever know, all attuned to the earth beat. Though even in the dark sub strata, apparent equality is affected by environmental conditions related to how a seed flourishes. Then i saw “seeds” moving around the room, perhaps to better conditions. Could this be analogous to our life situations throughout our existence? Then our imagination was fired by the imagery in our space and i became immersed in the dark, vast, infinite cosmic ocean. Our adventure was pulled by a common goal and even though we’d different routes to the destination, via retreat, fear and self imposed struggle/suffering, i knew i wasn’t alone and help/protection wasn’t far away. The obstacles were not well defined, but this enabled me to see beyond familiar forms, bringing clarity to a sensed stronger route bolstered by an awareness that we may be on different routes, but we’re all together on the same road. Reminded me to have more patience and compassion when i see the apparently absurd behaviour of myself and other people.

Are seeds moving whilst dormant? and come to think of it, seeds seem to be abundant and ubiquitous; ah! another adventure in discoverer mode beckons.

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