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We are hackers! -5th Playshop of Explorer of the World

I thought hacking was illegal access into computer or internet site to make unauthorised modifications. I did’t know we could do it with any other kinds of objects or physical space. It opened up new space for me (metaphorically and physically) to gash out PCs, take out parts, turn them into props and characters and make animation with them or to go into a familiar place, scavenge and turn found objects into art works! Turning something or somewhere into something different which are not originally intended for – this creates a new relationship with the objects or space, relationship that I never imagined exits or of having. Fun!!!

I also learnt a new word, ‘singularity’. I recognised the idea attached to the word as I’d heard it talked and seen it on movies. I thought I should have my position to say ‘it’s positive’ or ‘it’s negative’. Or even before saying that, I thought I should maybe decide either to believe it’ll happen or it won’t happen. Or is it already happening like global warming which I believe is happening? And my brain went into like a ‘rapid mode’ of a washing machine. If it’s already happening we have to be quick! They’re coming!  But what is ‘it’ or ‘they’ I’m talking about here? With the global warming issue, it’s easy to take one side and listen to and follow what experts have to say.  It’s also very important to bring people on both sides together and talk about what we can do right now. When I got home after the playshop, I asked myself, ‘what can I do now?’ – and my answer was to start looking at computers. I mean really looking, so we can get to know each other.



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