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The secret of Harwich Secret Gardens

They say a picture speaks more than a thousand words… I say a garden speaks more than a picture and a thousand words combined. Let me briefly share with you why. The Harwich Secret Gardens is a fabulous community-driven event in which local historic Harwich residents open up the doors and fences to their gardens for visitors to enjoy, while fundraising for charity, this year they supported the Ark Centre, the Teen Talk Community Garden Project, Age Concern Harwich & District, the St. Nicholas Church south aisle fund, and the Harwich & District Fellowship for the Sick.

By opening up their gardens, these Harwich residents kindle an intimate bond between themselves and their visitors. With their stories they transport us back in time, and by immersing ourselves in an intimate part of their lives, we begin to weave a connection with these dedicated gardeners in a way that it extends its roots into a secret part ourselves; the fragrances of the flowers, the vibrant colours and the patterns on the leaves and petals, the intricate arrangement of pots and plants creating an immersive and relaxing atmosphere and a playful mini-landscape together invited curiosity and pondering, gratitude and appreciation, and a revisiting of forgotten dreams and aspirations. By opening up their gardens, these people break down barriers to trust and truly build community.

Thank you Harwich gardeners for inviting us to cultivate an appreciation for space, floral celebration, and the simple joys of life. I do not see the streets of Harwich in quite the same way now; I know there are secret sanctuaries behind those walls. Here are some pictures of a sample of the 27 gardens that opened up on the 12th and 13th of July 2014. Enjoy!

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