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Reflections on Explorer of the World playshops – what works, challenges, the future

The focus of the Explorer of the World playshops is on creating intentional relationships with our surrounding environment – that is, development of meaningful understanding brought about through experiential learning in people’s own terms. Conceptually, these playshops are about connecting with and understanding the world around us by bringing together artistic and investigative perspectives. The methodology of the … Continue reading

The Explorer of the World playshop series 2015

The Explorer of the World playshop series is part of a set of projects developing tools and methods that enable individuals, regardless of background or geographic location, to (re)build relations with their environment, collaboratively and creatively devising solutions to the real problems they face. What is the purpose of the playshops? The playshops create spontaneous … Continue reading

“When exploring the world in different ways, the usual becomes surreal”

I think the old adage that “when you’ve travelled around the world, only then will you know what home is” is well illustrated by the experiences I’ve had in the playshops. It could be said that what we are doing is ‘childish’ or plain silly, but I think it is exactly the experience of playing … Continue reading

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