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“When exploring the world in different ways, the usual becomes surreal”

IMG_0470 (1280x960)I think the old adage that “when you’ve travelled around the world, only then will you know what home is” is well illustrated by the experiences I’ve had in the playshops. It could be said that what we are doing is ‘childish’ or plain silly, but I think it is exactly the experience of playing or creatively fooling around, which when later (self-)analysed proved to me the idea that everything is a game on some level.

It has been some time now that I’ve suspected that all people are playing many games with many different rules and most take those games so seriously that they have become addicted and cannot stop and even worse do not enjoy themselves. It is through the ‘Explorer of the world’ playshops that I’ve realised that I too take many of my everyday-life-games too seriously and that this makes me less good at what I do, not the other way around. I need to play more, even with those things that are most important to me (perhaps especially with those), because I think I’ll see that much which I held to be real, is not necessarily so, and that it is up to me to construct (and re-construct) my reality based on new possibilities found through true open-mindedness (aka play).


One thought on ““When exploring the world in different ways, the usual becomes surreal”

  1. Yes, I agree. Do we also take the main players (aka ourselves) very seriously too that we stop enjoying being in the game? At lease my case, I sometimes take myself very seriously and cling onto what I ought to behave so tightly, it can be an obstacle to simply enjoying whatever the game brings me in that moment. When we are experiencing a great time playing a game (say ‘hide and seek’, for example), we don’t normally ‘aim’ to obtain great feelings after the game ends, we are just simply in it. It’s as though playing games and ourselves too seriously does the opposite and often the aim is not achieved either. Maybe this can be said for all other games we play in everyday life too.

    Posted by asakoishere | March 30, 2014, 13:33

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