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Reflection on Brexit listening project – what does listening do?

The other day I went to Harwich (approx. 1.5 hour train ride from London) in Essex where Leave vote was in majority to join the listening project. We asked people on the street questions; what does the result mean to you? What is your vision for the UK’s future? What is the message to the new … Continue reading

Reflecting on our experience of Citizens without Borders Public Expo

Our first ever public event – Citizens without Borders Public Expo – was such an amazing and learning experience for all of us involved. We want to share with you our reflection and experiences of the event – what worked, what presently surprised us, what we enjoyed and learnt from our mini-Expo. Thanks! Asako & … Continue reading

The Future of Citizenship? – Citizens without Borders Public Expo

On the 21st of September, we had our first public event in Russell Square park in London. The event was to introduce Citizens without Borders to the public. Using posters, interactive display and installation art, this mini-expo presented various CwB themes and past activities we’ve so far explored since our kick-off in December 2011. This also created … Continue reading

A place where the secret gardens are

In addition to the previous post by my friend, this brief story tells my personal experience of the visit to Harwich and the wonderful community-driven event – the Secret Gardens. * I got on a train from London Liverpool Street station to visit my friends in Harwich for a weekend in mid-July. The town stands … Continue reading

We are hackers! -5th Playshop of Explorer of the World

I thought hacking was illegal access into computer or internet site to make unauthorised modifications. I did’t know we could do it with any other kinds of objects or physical space. It opened up new space for me (metaphorically and physically) to gash out PCs, take out parts, turn them into props and characters and make … Continue reading

Why do we explore? – 4th Playshop – Explorer of the world

In the end of this 4th playshop we chatted about what these playshops were to us and why we explored. The heart of being an explorer for me is having fun – that is creating stories and being in them. The stories are what sets me off and leads me into exploration. And I often … Continue reading

3rd Playshop of Explorer of the World….. Treasure hunt!

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open up and set off for exploration – the Explorer of the World playshops

I went to the Explorer of the World playshops. It was the 2nd one of the four. As was the first one, it was an inspiring and fun experience. The highlight of the first part was to do an improvisational theatre. In the dark room with the lights out, we had a short meditation and … Continue reading

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