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Maps without Borders: A storytelling exhibition on civic science

This storytelling exhibition showcased powerful aerial photographs created by citizens using kites, balloons, and point-and-shoot cameras. We told the stories of how people around the world are harnessing the power of Do-It-Yourself techniques to address local environmental, social and political matters. Using props and storyboards in four specially curated settings we shared the stories of unsung heroes … Continue reading

(Indoor) Air quality workshop and science cafe

After a long day at work what better way to unwind than having some DIY science fun? Our workshop/science café format aims to create a space to engage hands on with an DIY tool or technique while also engaging in a relaxed discussion around it – it’s meaning and the data it produces as well … Continue reading

DITOs Science Pub Night #1: demystifying vaccines

DITOs stands for Doing It Together science. It also stands for a project started earlier this year to combine efforts for Do-It-Yourself (DIY), grassroots and community-based science efforts to grow and flourish [more on my previous blog post]. One way we accomplish this is by talking about science-related issues that are little known or mystified and by … Continue reading

Waking up to a UK outside the EU

Dear All, We cannot at the moment know what the full consequences of the separation between the UK and the EU will be. The emotions and desires on the issue on both sides cannot be dismissed. Either way, whatever the result of the referendum, a big group of the voting population would have been unhappy … Continue reading

Lets ‘Do it together’! A journey in science, technology, art – & policy – begins! An introduction

Citizens without Borders is honoured to take part in an exciting endeavour for the next three years: ‘Doing It Together science’ or DITOs. But what is DITOs, who is involved, how, and why? In the following weeks we will be posting more news about CwB’s and our partner’s engagement in DITOs and answer these crucial … Continue reading

Film as a medium for reflection: No Man’s Land (2001)

Earlier this month we screened “No Man’s Land” a 2001 film by Danis Tanović. The synopsis: Bosnia and Herzegovina during 1993 at the time of the heaviest fighting between the two warring sides. Plot: Two soldiers from opposing sides in the conflict, Nino and Ciki, become trapped in no man’s land, whilst a third soldier becomes a … Continue reading

Reflections on Explorer of the World playshops – what works, challenges, the future

The focus of the Explorer of the World playshops is on creating intentional relationships with our surrounding environment – that is, development of meaningful understanding brought about through experiential learning in people’s own terms. Conceptually, these playshops are about connecting with and understanding the world around us by bringing together artistic and investigative perspectives. The methodology of the … Continue reading

The Explorer of the World playshop series 2015

The Explorer of the World playshop series is part of a set of projects developing tools and methods that enable individuals, regardless of background or geographic location, to (re)build relations with their environment, collaboratively and creatively devising solutions to the real problems they face. What is the purpose of the playshops? The playshops create spontaneous … Continue reading

The secret of Harwich Secret Gardens

They say a picture speaks more than a thousand words… I say a garden speaks more than a picture and a thousand words combined. Let me briefly share with you why. The Harwich Secret Gardens is a fabulous community-driven event in which local historic Harwich residents open up the doors and fences to their gardens … Continue reading

Details of a small town: Harwich

The following is not a discussion about rurality nor a celebration of small is beautiful. Rather, it represents the reflections on my observations of life as it unfolds in a small coastal town in east England. I cannot explain it nor wish to begin making conjectures about why it is the way it is but … Continue reading

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